Monday, July 26, 2010

You have to make the climb if you want to see the view

I think this will become my new motto in life!

Monte Alban is the oldest city center discovered so far in Mesoamerica. At its height, as the center of the Zapotec empire in 500 - 800 C.E., there were over 40,000 inhabitants within a 3 sq. mile radius. By 1000 C.E., the city had been completely abandoned for reasons that archaeologists are still not sure about. The ruins were then occupied and adapted by the Mixtec peoples, and even after they moved on to Yagul and Mitla and other cities, Monte Alban retained importance both as a burial place and as a place of shelter during times of upheaval up to the arrival of the Spanish in the early 1500's.

I am currently working on a slideshow of our visit here set to music by Pasatono, a modern group of ethnomusicians who are recreating Zapotec musical styles. In the meantime, enjoy this small taste of our rambles over the ruins.

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  1. My motto is: The higher you are, the more you see.