Thursday, July 15, 2010

T-minus 18 hours and counting!

Roses and Rosemary

Black-eyed Susans




Lobelia and Marigolds


The lone survivor of the Sunflower Massacre

Morning Glories (a little past their prime at noon)

Day Lilies

My favorite -- Sundial Flowers (aka Portulacas)

My sister reminds me that I shouldn't blog about going on trips because of the safety issue, so let me start by saying that living by the beach means that you always have a ready supply of friends who want to house-sit, summer and winter. So, all you sticky fingers folks out there trolling for a place to burgle should pass mine by. There are usually more people in the house when we're gone than when we're here.

While you await blogging from Oaxaca, our sponsors will leave you with shots of what is blooming here at La Casa de Nos Madres (everyone out here names their beach houses, so we've named our house to honor our mothers, and I love the pretentiousness of the foreign language! LOL):

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