Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rough Justice

Huevos Divorciados for breakfast -- green and red sauce

In the kitchen with Nora

Ingredients for mole

After much toasting, sauteeing and blending, the ingredients become the mole

1st course -- squash blossom soup

I spent the morning searching for a farmacia so that I could buy some Pepto-Bismol, so it's only fair that I mention the food here.

Did I already say that everything, and I mean everything, is eaten with chiles? This not only includes things you would expect -- moles, meats, fish -- but even things you wouldn't expect. (You think that dish of red sauce next to the butter on your bread plate at breakfast is raspberry jam? Nope!) However, for those of you who are thinking tasbaco sauce and waving your hand in front of your mouth, you would be surprised at how subtle and not-hot some of these chiles are. Once your tastebuds get used to them, you will wonder how you ever ate papaya, ice cream or hot chocolate without them!

The stomach is the last line of resistance, though, especially as we get older. I began feeling a little uncomfortable an hour after breakfast yesterday and have been sticking close to the apartment for the last 24 hours until the little pink tablets begin to do their magic. In a way the timing was good -- it could have been disastrous if we were on a bus excursion in the mountains to visit ruins. But it was also unfortunate because The Husband and I were taking a cooking class with our host and the smell of the delicious mole and tamales we learned to cook was making me queasy. The Husband got to eat my share and his, so I'll just have to wait until I get home and replicate this dish before I can taste it.


  1. I'm learning Spanish this summer and one of today's lessons was how to say, "I have a stomach ache." (Tengo un dolor de estómago) I guess it's expected, lol. Hope you feel better :) I'm loving your blog and all the tasty photos....yummm!

  2. The pictures are great--I've noticed that often in traditional Mexican restaurants, there is a sort of Mexican flag color scheme going on with the entrees. Hope you're feeling better!