Saturday, July 24, 2010

Never a dull moment

I have to be honest. As soon as we arrived and I saw how small Oaxaca was, I was afraid that after a few days we would get restless and want to go back to the excitement of home.

Silly me.

After 4 nights in a row of free music and dance concerts on the plaza outside the Church of Santo Domingo, we reluctantly passed up the chance to see some music last night so that we could do some shopping. I was sorry to be missing the action, but not for long. We walked two blocks and ran into a small parade on the Alcala.

Then we turned onto Alvarez Bravo on our way to the museum there and a second parade came along.

Then, before we could turn around, there was a third parade on the corner one block away. All this in the space of ten minutes in four square blocks!

Tonight we opted for another free concert in the plaza. A family band of traditional musicians played for a group of dancers that consisted of 2 young adults and four kids all under the age of seven. They were adorable and very talented.

From our seats, we could turn to the left and watch as a young girl celebrated her quinceanera and took photographs with family and friends.

And we could turn around and watch a huge parade that was going on one block south.

All this without leaving our seats!

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  1. live, free, authentic entertainment! You guys are so lucky! Glad the trip is turning out so well.