Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Moving at a slower pace

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I am taking my camera out less and less often as people here do not like to be photographed, even inadvertently. But we are also moving at a very slow pace. Now that I'm recovered, The Husband is feeling a little lethargic. Fortunately, his stomach is good, but his knees and back are aching, probably due to the uneven cobbled streets we've been navigating.

So this morning we got up late and strolled to the zocalo to have a simple breakfast of pan tostado, frutas, apple strudel and yogurt with coffee and chocolate. We sat for quite a while just watching everyone go about their business through the heart of the town.

On the way back to the apartment, we stopped at a beautiful new museum of textiles that was created by a group of artists from a downtown colonial building that was being destroyed by neglect and greed. The outer shell was saved but the inside rebuilt to include space for exhibits, classrooms, lectures and meetings, and a library. You can read the story of how the building was saved and see pictures here .

It approaches 4pm now, when most Oaxaquenos have already eaten their biggest meal of the day and gone out for the evening. We should get moving soon!

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