Wednesday, June 8, 2011

T minus 22 days

I'm already in pre-departure mode. Three weeks ahead may seem neurotic, but I've found that preparing gradually as things occur to me as well as taking care of things that I know may require some lead time works best for me.

One of the things I've checked into -- thank goodness -- is my prescription med status. Apparently my health plan has changed the way my migraine medication is parceled out which I only discovered when I called Medco to find out about a different medication. I don't know when they were planning to notify me, but if I had waited to call until I realized the meds were overdue, it would have been the end of June and that could have been a major screw up. Fortunately, my doctor just returned from a six-week trip to Europe, so he was able to write me a new prescription. So hooray for being over-prepared!

I have decided to forego inoculations for typhoid and malaria, and won't be taking out any kind of evacuation insurance. I know everyone has different comfort levels about travel to areas that are not as developed as they're used to, but I feel okay with this decision. I spent almost 3 weeks in Oaxaca last summer without even giving shots a thought, so I expect four weeks won't be that different.

What I am doing that might seem unnecessary is getting the house and basement hurricane-ready on the very off chance that we get a direct hit while I'm gone. I know The Husband would be totally flipped out if that happened and would be outta here so fast, the door wouldn't hit him in the ass.

Other than that, I've been busy working on non-NEH projects, so very little has been done on the language-learning front. I'm currently reading Chibnik's book on the wood-carving trade in Oaxaca, watching the online videos on chocolate-making and other subjects that are posted on the NEH Oaxaca site and trying to figure out what the adoption of the Common Core that has been sprung on us out of left field here in NYC might mean for the units I want to develop this summer.

And for relaxation, I'm watching the flowers bloom in my front yard:

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