Thursday, June 23, 2011

Copa Oro / Copa America

Okay, people, Saturday night is the final match for this year's Copa Oro, a CONCACAF tournament of North American/Central American/Caribbean teams that serves as a qualifier for a qualifier for World Cup 2014. The United States is meeting Mexico in Pasadena, so it should be a great match and is sold out. If you want to watch on tv with commentary in Spanish, watch on Univision; for commentary in English, watch on the Fox Soccer Channel. I prefer Univision because they don't mute the sound of the crowd, but if I want to understand everything, I watch FSC, so I'll probably be switching back and forth.

And in July -- when I and my colleagues will be in Oaxaca -- Mexico is playing in the Copa America, a national tournament for South American teams. (Mexico and Japan are the outside invitees.) I'm not sure what the roster is for the Mexican team as FIFA ruled that while their national team could not play in a tournament outside their confederation, they could send the members of their 2012 Olympic Football team. But it should be fun to watch the matches in a cafe of screaming fans in Oaxaca.

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