Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cellphone in Oaxaca

I received an email from Mexitel yesterday to let me know my cellphone was on its way, and here it is, one day later as promised. It came with a cute little carrying case that clips onto your belt (not!), a charger, the prepaid return box and a set of directions. I won't know if it actually works until I'm already in Mexico, but I'm feeling more and more confident that this was the best way to stay in touch with people at home as well as locally in Oaxaca.

The actual rental was $20 for two weeks, $20 for an additional two weeks, and $20 for shipping. I prepaid for $20 worth of time and got $10 in complimentary time, so all together, if I don't add any more time, I'll be paying around $80. Not the cheapest way to go, but the most convenient. And the best little add-on is that the phone works in airports in the US and Canada, so I won't have to take my personal cell and charger with me to call The Husband to come pick me up when I return to JFK.

Things are falling into place pretty smoothly so far. My migraine meds arrived today, my new glasses and sunglasses should be ready by this weekend, and the tailor should have the pants I need to wear taken in by Tuesday. Now I just need to finish up my projects in the letterpress studio, finalize the details of hiring a new colleague (you know I'm dancing a jig here!), attend the end-term party Friday to celebrate my old colleague's retirement, pay bills, get a few pesos, show The Husband how to run the appliances, suspend my gym and Netflix memberships, call my credit card company and, most importantly, celebrate our anniversary early at Capsouto Freres where we were married on July 13, 1990:

I know there will be one major thing that I'll forget until it's too late, but I'm not stressing about it too much. I can't wait to be on the move!

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