Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kindle shortcomings

Now that I've turned in my final projects for my sabbatical classes, I've started doing the reading for the NEH 2011 this morning. First up was the article by Spores and Robles Garcia about excavations at Teposcolula which I began reading on the Kindle but switched to the hard copy I have from last year.

This won't be news to anyone who keeps up with technology, but Kindle has some kinks. The illustrations don't transfer very well, and if you embiggen the text font, a PDF becomes difficult to read as it no longer fits on the screen. And when I read academic articles, I like to highlight and doodle on the hard copy which is not possible on a Kindle. Should I make an exception and take this one hard copy along with my Kindle? Should I take them all? And the Kindle, too? Hmmmm. I seem to be back where I started before I bought the device.

For the moment, I'm going to take notes in the journal I've already started to help me focus on an area that I want to develop for the curricular unit I'll be writing. Once in Oaxaca, I'll have my netbook on which I can pull up the illustrations and articles I won't be able to convert for the Kindle. And I'm leaving the hard copies at home. I really want to make this foray into technology work, and I think I can find ways around the difficulties if I don't give up too quickly.

Next up: Maarten Jansen's "Archaeology and Indigenous People."

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