Saturday, May 28, 2011


photo of Jan Hendrix sculpture via

Last summer, The Husband and I made our way up to the Centro des los Artes de San Agustin in San Agustin Etla to see the textile and ceramic exhibits. I was very struck by the retrospective of Mexico City artist Gustavo Perez and was delighted to see that he'll be working on a project with potters from San Bartolo Coyotepec, a village famous for its black pottery, and presenting the work at CaSa in early June.

Sadly I won't be there early enough to see it -- or two other shows, one of textiles and one of the installation artist, Jan Hendrix. I was happy to see on the NEH syllabus that we'll be visiting CaSa as part of our studies, and equally sorry to see that we would not be going to San Bartolo as a group. I hope this doesn't sound too whiny. I'm pretty good about other travel annoyances, and you'll rarely hear me complain about heat, bugs, bad food, peeing in a hole in the ground, or companions who are un poco desagradable . But I will bitch and moan about all the things I don't have time to see even as I deeply appreciate all the wonderful opportunities that travel brings. So I must learn to accept that there are inevitable trade-offs to make when you have a limited amount of time in a place with so many things to absorb.

In the meantime, I'll add San Bartolo to my ever-growing list of places to go in my free time!

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