Thursday, May 19, 2011

And now for something completely different

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Mexican high fashion!

I just participated in a meme with a bunch of friends -- some of whom I've known for years -- in which we had to tell each other something about ourselves that other people would find surprising. I took the prize for the most startling admission by confessing that I'm a hard-core fashion nut and have been since I was about eight-years-old and watched "That Girl" religiously.

This craze for fashion is usually news even to friends who know that I moved to NYC 30 years ago to work in the fashion business. One look reveals I couldn't care less about dressing stylishly myself, and a peek inside my closet finds jeans, cashmere sweaters, lots of black, and Dansko clogs in every color. I consider myself a big egghead, hate to shop, can't stand discomfort, and feel well-dressed if my clothes are clean and not too wrinkled.

But I voraciously read all the glossy mags and trade publications and watch any show with a fashion angle -- Project Runway and RuPaul's Drag Race are must-see tv for me. And is usually my first online stop of the day.

So, in a nod to all things sartorial, I'm sharing some links about high fashion in Mexico. There is article on five up-and-coming Mexican fashion designers; an interview with CELIA COLUNGA, who studied fashion design in Guadalajara and Los Angeles; and two interviews with the young woman considered Mexico's biggest rising star on the European scene, Carla Fernandez, who is making a name as an eco-conscious designer at Taller Flora.


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