Monday, May 30, 2011


I became fascinated by the expat experience way back when as an offshoot of my desire to get the hell out of the small town outside New Orleans where I grew up. My reading of A Passage to India and Henry James's novels created the framework for my experiences with the expatriates I met in my travels and provided me with many stereotypes which I used to classify, fairly or unfairly, all the characters I encountered.

I've been trolling the 'net for Oaxaca blogs and am surprised by how many there are by Americans living down there. I present a few random ones here (with no comment on my part) for your perusal. A couple of them have recent postings and photos about this year's teachers' strike that you might find interesting:

Jaguar Speaks

View from Casita Colibri

Oaxaca -- The Year After

And for local info in Spanish on happenings around town, one place to look is Oaxaca Hub.

Espero que los disfrute.

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