Monday, April 11, 2011

Why, yes, I do know what ch*&#ado means in Spanish

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I began my quest to become more fluent in Spanish as spoken in Mexico by surfing the Net using the phrase "Mexican Spanish." I found a funny blog entry from which I learned that it's impolite to say, "Que?" if you don't understand something and better to say, "Mande?". I'm sure I'll be needing that one a lot.

Next I found a site that gives Nahuatl Borrowings in Mexican Spanish Vocabulary, so I promptly printed it out and made notecards to study while I'm on the train to New Orleans next week.

But I think the most useful site will be The Alternative Spanish Dictionary. Because even if you don't use language like that yourself, it's always fun to know what everyone around you is saying! ;-)

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