Thursday, April 28, 2011

Me dedique a perderte

"Maybe memory is overrated. Maybe forgetting is better. (Show me the Proust of forgetting, and I'll read him tomorrow.) Sometimes it's like juggling a thousand crystal balls in the air all at once, trying to keep all these memories going. Every time one falls to the floor and shatters into dust, another crevice cracks open inside me, through which another chunk of who we were disappears forever."
Francisco Goldman Say Her Name

This morning I was channel surfing for the Speed Network so that I could watch the replay of the Shanghai Grand Prix -- my favorite driver, Mark Webber, came in 3rd -- when I ended up in the 1000's and found that FIOS includes hundreds of radio stations with a great variety of music. As luck would have it, I was on the station that plays Mexican romantic ballads, most muy triste. This fit my mood perfectly as I finished Say Her Name this morning, and the weather out here is chilly and foggy, and I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon which promises to be somewhat nerve-wracking, and I'm still feeling the post-trip nostalgia for New Orleans.

So I'm finding Luis Miguel, Marisela, Emmanuel and Alejandro Fernandez very soothing.

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