Friday, July 1, 2011

A trip without drama would be like . . . .

My experience with flying has taught me for every good trip you pay with a bad one. Today's fight to Oaxaca follows a relaxing, stress-free flight to Rome this winter. Although it didn't match the trip-from-hell from Alabama this past Christmas -- and, really, what could? -- it was, door-to-door, a 15-hour groan fest.

For some reason -- maybe the weather, but who knows-- flights out fo Mexico City were delayed this afternoon. The top photo, taken on the sly with my Mexitel cellphone, shows a group who had been waiting for hours to get to Villahermosa and been told that they couldn't get on a flight until tomorrow. Things got a little -- ahem -- out of hand, and the Policia Federal were called along with some private security. Most of the group was escorted away, some still screaming bloody murder as we boarded our only-two-hours-late flight to Oaxaca.

But I arrived along with my luggage this time and am staying in a small apartment that lacks charm but makes up for it in space and convenience. I plan to go to the markets tomorrow and stock up on supplies and maybe get a few things to make the space a little cheerier.

But for now, estoy muy cansada. Hasta manana!

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