Saturday, July 2, 2011

Primera dia

What I Did: Planned to shop locally at the markets but ended up at a supermercado. Bought some basic foodstuffs and minimal utensils for the apartment. Will be a more thoughtful shopper tomorrow. Channeling Scarlett O'Hara, but I'm dead tired from yesterday's trip.

Where I Ate:La Olla for a huge breakfast of eggs over easy, chorizo, pan tostado, frijoles, nopal (cactus), a 7-fruit juice, and the best coffee in Oaxaca. (Forgot to take photos until I'd eaten it all. I'll do better tomorrow!) A small sandwich from Cafeteria La Principal for lunch. Lots of cacahuates.

Something I Learned: Not everyone loves futbol. I took a cab home from Soriano's supermarket, and the driver remarked that he finds watching it very boring and prefers to sing and play guitar in a local band. We had a nice conversation all in Spanish although I'm stumbling whenever I need to express complex ideas. But he said I spoke like an angel, so he has a warm place in my heart!

What I'm Thinking About: You need to have a pretty thick skin to be a photographer, especially if you're taking photos of local people. Before noon, I'd seen so many things that I thought would make great pictures but was reluctant to take out my camera. I mean, really, does the guy sweeping the sidewalk using a twig broom that's taller than he is really want to appear on my blog? I also saw a confirmation group of little kids all dressed in white, long chiffon dresses for the girls and mini tuxes for the boys, outside a church on the north perimeter of Parque El Llano and a funeral procession down Calle Porfirio Diaz that included many people on foot carrying white gladioli, calla lilies and Madonna lilies following the hearse, some singing very solemnly. But I will leave these scenes to your imagination.

And about texting, something I'd never done before this trip, all I can say is that the language of the tweet or text is just one step above grunting. R U gettin' me?

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