Wednesday, February 23, 2011


(View of Oaxaca from the Cerro de Fortin via wikipedia)

I just spent half an hour in the post office line to send off my application to participate in this summer's NEH Spotlight on Oaxaca institute. I got to the head of the line and was just about to seal the envelope when I decided to check one more time. And I had brought the wrong copy of the essay with me, the one that I marked-up for final revisions over the weekend before the NEH Florence ladies arrived for our annual Presidents' Weekend reunion. Ack! So, off I go again.

Of course, I'm returning this summer whether or not I'm accepted to the institute. There was so much there that got my creative and intellectual juices flowing after a bit of a dry spell that I couldn't resist making the apartment reservation last July and determining to go back no matter what.

But it would be nice to be in a structured study environment. There's a fine line between being a Renaissance woman and being a scatterbrain, and sometimes in my enthusiasm, I cross it before I realize what's happened! ;-)

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