Monday, April 5, 2010

El vuelo a Mexico

I'm making a conscious effort to think in Spanish as much as possible, so bear with me if it comes off as pretentious -- not to mention wrong in some cases! For example, which preposition do you use to speak about travel "to Mexico"? In Italian, you would say, "Viaggio in Italia," but "Viaggio a Roma." I can't remember if it's the same in Spanish because the last time I studied that language was in 1975. Oh, well, I have a lot of reviewing to do and a lot of Italian to forget!

Anyway, I've made flight reservations on Aeromexico for The Husband and I to fly together to Oaxaca on July 4 where he will spend a week with me celebrating our 20th anniversary then return home the next Sunday right before the NEH's welcome reception at the Casa de la Ciudad de Oaxaca. I stay on for another four weeks until August 8th.

I'm currently investigating cell phones, Skype and other ways of staying in touch while I'm gone. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know. All I know at the moment is that the cellphone I have won't work over there, but I will have internet access in my apartment and a Netbook with me. It should be a lot easier than it was in 1994 when I spent almost six weeks away from home and phone cards were the only widespread option.

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