Sunday, April 4, 2010

Advance planning

After I read the information for the NEH in Oaxaca, I was so psyched to go that I did some research and found a place I'd want to stay "just in case." There were several bed and breakfasts that were stunning but did not offer monthly rates, so I found some apartments in a wide range of prices. I wanted something far enough away from the Zocalo that it would be fairly quiet but close enough to walk into town several times a day. The place I decided on wasn't the most beautiful, but it had several things in its favor -- owners on-site, a private garden space, a kitchen, and a big ceiling fan in the bedroom.

I could have saved money by arranging a home stay situation or planning to take a roommate, but I wanted a nice place where The Husband and I could celebrate our 20th anniversary before the institute starts and where I could have some "alone" time once classes begin. Having done an institute in 1994 in Florence in which participants stayed in the same hotel, had all classes together, traveled everywhere together, and ate most meals together, I know that having a place where I can go and shut the door once in a while will be the difference between sanity and madness!

I had some friends who are familiar with Oaxaca check out the apartment's web site and location, and they green-lighted my choice, so the deposit has been sent and I've secured the space. Check out Casa de Mis Recuerdos to see where I'll be spending five weeks this summer.

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